Partnering with Designers Improves Overall Satisfaction

2 Minutes Read

Don’t you love headlines like that?  Who doesn't want more overall satisfaction in their lives?!  And isn’t it good to know a great designer can do that for you?!  You’re probably feeling lighter already.

As mentioned in my “what is great design” blog, we did a short survey to learn about people’s perceptions of great design and the value of great designers.  The results shed some light on a few misconceptions…and maybe why we want to avoid them.

For those of you who have done your own home remodel or have built a house or two, you probably understand the “why” better than most.  I ran across a stat recently that noted 20% of homeowners today use a designer on their projects, up from 6% just two years ago.  That’s a pretty significant jump in any industry.  So what’s driving that? I am putting my money on the convergence of two things: past experience and current construction trends.

Remodeling is up, because people are choosing to convert their current homes into a better longer-term space, instead of building new.  Those building new are choosing less square footage and better optimized spaces. Every dollar and every decision matters even more when interest rates and material costs are higher.  That means the ROI on great design is at least 15-20 years now. When you are making these kinds of short and long-term decisions, it’s almost always good economics to partner with an expert in the field. 

That’s the current construction trends part.  However, I firmly believe the biggest driver in the significant jump in partnering with designers lies in past experience.  In our survey, most respondents said their reluctance in hiring a designer was based on perceived costs, wanting to be a DIY-er, and assuming the builder or contractor could help them make good decisions.  What was most interesting - and least surprising to me - were their reactions to relying on themselves and builders...  

  • “...there was so much stress…we underestimated the total number of decisions to be made and the work to be done…it was overwhelming…”
  • “...I’ve regretted some of my decisions now because I was in a hurry and stressed to get it done…”
  • “...doing it myself took WAY more time and energy than I expected and I didn’t enjoy it at all like I thought I would…”
  • “ builder helped us make cost-effective decisions, but not necessarily good lifestyle decisions, especially where I should have spent more money based on how we live our lives…”

Sound familiar to you?  If it does - or if you just want to avoid becoming a quote in a future blog - we’re here to help!  

What our friends are expressing is exactly why having a valued design partner is about WAY more than paint colors and plumbing fixtures.  In fact, our designers wear about 36 hats for our clients…from materials master, project manager, color expert, lighting designer, and fabric magician, to space planner, finance manager, resource professional, time management ninja, psychologist, therapist, psychic, and peacemaker.  You’re hiring us for our education, experience, talent, resources, and team.  In fact, you want to partner with us for ALL the hats we wear on your project!  You want us for peace-of-mind in knowing that every facet of your life and lifestyle - form, function, balance and harmony - as well as your budget are at the forefront of our design process. You want us because you’ve got enough to think about in your life, and frankly, it’d be nice to actually have a life while you upgrade your space.  You want us because you would like to stay happily married. (If you’ve ever lived through a remodel or new build together, you know what I mean!)  You want us because you want to ensure the longevity of your investment.  And you want us because we work closely with your builder (or our team if we are doing the work) to ensure you are on budget, on time and absolutely LOVING YOUR SPACE. 

And isn’t loving your space for 10+ years worth every penny you invest?!  I mean it practically pays for itself in emotional delight.  At least that’s what I say to my husband all the time.