About Fixture Studio

Despite humble beginnings in a small home office, Fixture Studio has since expanded into residential and commercial markets. We are a design, renovation, construction services, and vacation rental provider based in Western Colorado. With a shared purpose of providing unparalleled quality and service, each team member plays a vital role in ensuring that we bring our client’s visions to life.

Kitchen designed by fixture studio


Our design team specializes in residential and commercial design, including new builds. We collaborate with homeowners, architects, and contractors to bring all our projects to life. Our architectural design services cover everything from ideation to complete construction documents. Our approach aims to create a holistic design considering exterior and interior aspects. We think like architects but focus on detail at the individual level, because everyone deserves high-quality design.


We offer various construction services, including new build projects and small home renovations. Our construction team actively maintains multiple commercial buildings and possesses extensive experience collaborating with our designers, property managers, and subcontractors.


Our vacation rental team actively manages and maintains properties throughout Western Colorado. Whether you're visiting the Grand Valley, or we're managing your property, we want to ensure you have a remarkable experience. The Fixture Stay team also helps our clients find stress-free arrangements while we bring their dream home to life.

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