The Fixture Studio Ethos

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Here at Fixture Studio, our ethos is simple yet profound: we prioritize the well-being of those who dedicate themselves to serving our clients. Embracing a culture of joy and camaraderie, we infuse creativity into every aspect of our work, recognizing that exceptional design is the cornerstone of a transformative living experience.

Designing, building or renovating your home is an extension of who you are and represents one of the most significant investments in your lifetime.  We consider it a privilege to be part of such an important, personal and intimate process.  So on behalf of our entire Fixture Studio team, thank you for welcoming us into your lives.

And we welcome you into ours!  Our business philosophy is pretty simple:  Take great care of the people who take great care of our clients.  We enjoy our work and each other, knowing that laughter is a key part of our lives.  Our employee-centric company culture is rooted in our core values, and ultimately translates into an unparalleled experience for our clients.  

Creativity:  Design matters!  A great design is the difference between an outcome that merely “does the job” and an outcome that makes a lasting and fundamental difference in your life.  So naturally, you would expect “creativity” to be a core value of a design shop!

Creativity also encompasses problem solving and attention to detail.  Snags are to be expected in the design and construction process, and we do our best to minimize them.  How we deal with the inevitable is a transparent, collaborative and creative process.  You will often hear us ask “what else is possible” in a quest to find the best solutions for our clients.

Individuality:  We firmly believe that every member of our team brings a unique set of personality traits, experiences and strengths, and we want to tap into that for our clients.  We perform at our highest levels when we can be true to our authentic selves.  Similarly, your home is a direct reflection of your unique personality.  Our designs incorporate the best in form, function and harmony, as well as reflect your personalized lifestyle. 

Teamwork:  At Fixture Studio, we are motivated to contribute to something larger than ourselves.  That can only happen when we are aligned around a common vision and working together as a cohesive unit.  We adopt your vision as our own and employ the talents of our entire team to make it a reality.

Growth:  We are never satisfied with the status quo and we are constantly pushing our boundaries, personally and professionally. That means you can count on our team to learn and explore new, as well as proven ideas and solutions.  

At Fixture Studio, rest assured you are getting a team of professionals, committed to the success of your project.  Your happiness is our greatest reward.