Modern Fairway

Designer: Jenna Smith
Scope of Work: Architectural Design, Interior Design and furniture selection
Builder: Benchmark Construction 
Photographer: Kaylan Robinson

What was your inspiration for this project?
I really wanted to design a house with a wall of windows and this lot was perfect! The view of the monument was spectacular and this house captured it perfectly creating the ideal entertaining space.

What was your greatest challenge?
Our client really wanted a single level house with no stairs, but unfortunately the lot would not allow for this. So I had to step the house down in two areas so it followed the contour of the land. The stairs ended up being one of my favorite features in the primary wing because it created an entrance to the room.

What were you most proud of / excited about?
There was so much about this house I was excited about but what I really couldn't wait to see finished was the stone wall that cuts through the entire house. Not only did it provide a statement, it also functioned as a shade barrier for the outdoor patio and created a private outdoor space for the primary wing.