Hill Avenue House

Designer: Design team
Scope of work: Renovation
Builder: RG Cowan Design Build

What was your inspiration for this project?
This historic home in downtown GJ had a dingy, out-of-date kitchen that was not working well for the growing family that occupied it. The floor plan was ill-functioning and awkward. RG Cowan designed the new kitchen layout and drew the plans. Fixture Studio's role in this project was material selection and location.
What was your biggest challenge?
The greatest challenge was deciding which features should be built out of wood and which materials should be painted. It took much careful consideration because we wanted the kitchen to look original to the home.
What are you most proud of / excited about?
I am most proud of the color palette of this project. The owners were daring enough to do a blue cabinet color and splurge on some nice details like high-end faucets and sinks.