Designer: Erin Lutz
Scope of Work: Full home renovation
Builder: Fixture Studio Construction

Photographer: Kaylan Robinson

What was your inspiration for this project?
The stained concrete floors sold this house! Their rich rust colored stain, along with the house’s architecture, made us want to fully embrace this Spanish style adobe. 

What was your greatest challenge?
What wasn’t a challenge with this renovation! That shower arch, the scratched concrete floors, the backsplash that had to be just right, and the pendants that came just broken enough to not be noticeable until we tried hanging them! While it’s not a secret that we like to challenge our contractors, the narrow radius of the arch, lining up the backsplash grid to fit perfectly with the cabinetry, the tape that somehow managed to strip the finish off the concrete floor, and re-soldering the pendants, really tested everyone’s patience! We didn't even mention the plethora of cowhide rugs we had to receive before the correct one was finally sent!

What were you most proud of / excited about?
Seeing those “snot green” walls disappear. No in all seriousness, we are super proud of this whole interior, but our favorite probably has to be the continuous kitchen backsplash! Hiding all the outlets and light switches really lets that tile shine!