East Dakota Renovation

What was the inspiration for this project?
Our clients came to us with a house they had purchased but knew needed a bit of an update. They had clear ideas of what they wanted their house to feel like, but they weren't sure how to get it there.
We reimagined their kitchen and guest bathroom going through multiple iterations before finally landing on the one that they felt would give them the most impact without changing too much of the aspects they already loved from their home.
Once construction began, the changes could be felt immediately. Tearing out the classic 2000's half-walls and carrying a continuous hardwood throughout the entire space made their rooms feel more integrated with one another. Their dated kitchen got a full refresh with a new layout, light maple cabinets, and beautiful quartz countertops that extend up as the backsplash to create a monolithic elegance. A permanent banquette was built to maximize the amount of seating around their table, and to provide a little extra space for the island. Custom upholstery was also added to make this extra comfy! New lights in the sitting room, over the island, and over the table all helped to identify each space while their textures worked to compliment each other.
The guest bath also had its half-wall removed, and replaced with a wider vanity. Our clients loved a calm, bright aesthetic exemplifying an almost spa-like serenity. So the cold greys were replaced with warm whites and wood tones, and even the noisy fan was upgraded for a more pleasant auditory experience! A large uninterrupted glass door replaced an awkward chrome trimmed slider, and dainty sconces were added around the mirror to complete the room.