Palisade Livery

Designer: Design team
Scope of work: Interior Design

What was your inspiration for this project?
The Palisade Livery Saloon is a local dive bar that was looking to upgrade under new ownership. The original bar has been around since the late 1800's and has a rich local history. The owners wanted to keep their current clientele while also attracting a new group during a surge in local tourism. The inspiration for this project was the history of the building. We attempted to pull out historical details and emphasize the original character of the building. We demolished out a lowered grid ceiling from the 1980's to reveal the original ornate tin ceiling and added wood wall paneling to mimic the historic bar itself.
What was your biggest challenge?
The greatest challenge of this project was striking a balance between updating enough to attract new business but not too much that we drove away the current clientele.
What are you most proud of / excited about?
I am most proud of the details like the restroom signage and lighting.