Mid Century Revival

What was your inspiration for this project?

This home renovation project was a true labor of love, embracing its unique quirks and transforming it into a gem that perfectly reflects the client's vision. Our journey began with revamping the bathrooms and laundry room, expanding the basement to include a larger bathroom and kitchenette, and replacing the deteriorating carport with a sturdier structure. Of course, a covered porch was a must-have!

Inspired by a kitchen design by Kristyn Bester, which resonated deeply with the client, we let it set the tone for the entire home's aesthetic. Brown laminate floors made way for new flooring. We moved the dishwasher and installed all new appliances and cabinetry that echoed the era of the home. This client loved the bright colors of the mid-century style. So to "scratch-that-itch" we added vibrant mid-century-inspired wallpaper that adorned the walls, creating a cohesive look while allowing each bedroom to showcase its own distinctive theme.

To optimize space, we relocated the laundry room to the basement, adding a full bathroom in its place. Privacy was enhanced by closing off the pass-through cabinet between the guest and primary bathrooms, both of which received stylish updates including wrap-around tile to give each their own unique feel. The guest bath vanity was re-finished in a two-tone style.

The basement underwent a comprehensive transformation with new flooring, improved access to the exterior via a new sliding door, and the replacement of awkward built-in desks with functional closets. A convenient kitchenette was also installed for downstairs guests. While laundry rooms in bathrooms can be awkward or cramped, the new bathroom had ample space for it to feel natural. There was even enough space to add a small folding area under the window. The fireplace was updated and the tile hearth mimicked the hearth from the main level.

Refinished wood floors and carefully preserved wood paneling now accentuate the charm of every room, while a new deck off the kitchen provides a perfect outdoor entertaining space. This project truly embodies the client's love for vibrant mid-century style and thoughtful design.