The Hotel Melrose

Designer: Erin Lutz
Scope of work: Full Hotel Renovation
Builder: Fort + Home
Photographer: 14K Media

What was your inspiration for this project?
As the last of twelve historic hotels in Grand Junction that still functions as a hotel, the Melrose has a lot of history. And, like on almost any remodel, we didn't want to strip the building of that history. However, we also didn’t want to force people to be consumed by it every time they stepped inside. Our goal was to breathe new life into this building and give it the respectful elegance it deserves, while still showcasing its age and originality.
What was your greatest challenge?
There were a lot of challenges with this project and probably everyone involved would have a different answer, but I think the dichotomy between a high-tech, fully automated hotel and a historic building would be at the root of most of our answers. That, or maybe I was everyone's greatest challenge! 
What are you most proud of / excited about?
I’m most proud of just how many people had a hand in this project. To have so many members from the community contribute their talents was the most rewarding part of seeing it transform!