What was your inspiration for this project?

The owners instantly fell in love with their new classic Spanish-style home in GJ, with its high-end stained concrete floors. But it badly needed updating to remove the outdated quirks. To modernize and make the space more efficient, they demolished the built-ins, and a desk in the living room and added new functional cabinetry and large planter boxes to optimize the space and floor to ceiling windows. The outdated kitchen was dark so they took it up a notch with a total makeover adding in new cabinets, granite, lighting and a bold blue tile with Spanish accents to bring out the floor they fell in love with. Their primary bathroom was completely redesigned to include a luxurious zero entry shower. The added arch to the shower was the most painstaking process in the house making sure the tile lined up exactly so that none of the tiles were cut which would have destroyed the pattern. The guest bathroom underwent an update by raising the ceiling and adding in a new vanity. Again outdated built-ins were demolished in the guest bedroom and it gained charming shelving and a desk. Lastly, the entire home was repainted and upgraded lighting was added to create an overall contemporary effect.