a colorado husband (steve) and wife (amy) team dedicated to the design and management of beautiful spaces

Vacation rentals are a great way to grow the unrealized income in your property and make a profit every year.

Let us help you select, stage and take care of every aspect of your investment. 


A few of our properties



Grand Junction

107 Hillcrest Ave.  - www.vrbo.com/1128307

124 Donaldson Rd. - www.vrbo.com/1007431

302 Gunnison Ave.  - www.vrbo.com/489211

349 Rosevale Rd. - www.vrbo.com/1472065

359 Colorado Ave. #205- www.vrbo.com/1223998

952 Ouray Ave. - www.vrbo.com/1278232

1334 Grand Ave. - www.vrbo.com/592498


154 3rd St. - www.vrbo.com/1159382

223 E. 2nd St. - www.vrbo.com/1026988

339 Main St. - www.vrbo.com/957732


17755 Woodgate Rd. - www.vrbo.com/1537803

Mountain Properties

157 Wagon Road, Breckenridge - www.vrbo.com/1282610

 415 5th St., Crested Butte - www.vrbo.com/1351937

Loved this little mountain home! ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Great location in CB, good house set-up with plenty of sleeping space and nice living area. Will be back!

309 Teocalli Ave.,Crested Butte  - www.vrbo.com/883674